20,000 Souls

The Vision of 20000SOULS.COM is to save souls and fulfill the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples by creating a reproducible, grass-roots process that activates individuals into evangelism.

The Mission of 20000SOULS.COM is to partner with and empower churches, ministries and individuals with the tools and training necessary to mobilize their spheres of influence into an evangelism process that wins souls and engages them in discipleship.

The Process

The 20000SOULS.COM initiative includes:

  • Centralized website for communication and training
  • Evangelism training in the areas of street evangelism, marketplace evangelism, door-to-door, etc.
  • Comprehensive Discipleship Course video, audio and study sheets
  • Evangelism video tips from pastors and successful soul-winners
  • ┬áTestimony Blogs
  • Printable evangelist contact cards
  • Printable tracking forms
  • Resource library for ordering books, Bibles and video copies of Discipleship Course at affordable prices
  • Contact lists of evangelism groups that meet weekly and bi-weekly
  • Annual conferences and seminars focused on evangelism