About Us

It is our vision to bring revival to those who are hungry for God.  Along with revival, healing and reconciliation will come to hurting people.  We want to reach the ones who have walked away from God for whatever reason.  We want to show people that GOD LOVES THEM, and that God deeply desires a close personal relationship with each and every one of us. God has not given up!  Therefore, We can not give up!

Start Again Ministries provides spiritual guidance, leadership and training to over 1300 churches, pastors, evangelists and missionaries worldwide.

Start Again Ministries’ actual title is “Start Again Ministries, Inc.”  Start Again Ministries is  a non-profit, 501(c) 3,  Texas corporation.

We have found that there is only ONE ANSWER to the problems faced today, Jesus.”

Since 1994, Start Again Ministries has ministered and provided aid in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Israel, Kenya, Ghana, Somalia, Nigeria, and Latvia.  With the staff of Start Again, we continue to Train Pastors, Fund churches and ministries, Partner in outreaches, sing and minister in Churches, jails, and remote areas around the United States and other countries.

Power Encounters

Teams from Start Again Ministries are available to bring a Power Encounter to you.  Holy Spirit filled meetings, packed with prophetic ministry.  These are true “Signs and Wonders” meetings that lead to prolific soul winning and revival.  Is your area hungry for revival? Let’s work together to see our world fall in love with Jesus!


One instrument God has given is music.

It’s the music that opens the hearts of the hurting. It’s the music that gives us a common starting place. We use the songs the Lord has given to us to show that God Is There, and that He loves us! We know that It’s the music that opens the hearts of the hurting. It’s the music that gives us a common starting place. We use the songs the Lord has given to us to show that God Is There, and that He loves us! We know that NOW is the right time to START AGAIN! Jesus is there, arms open wide to welcome us back. God does not hold a grudge.

Just as in the story of the prodigal Son, Our Heavenly Father welcomes us with open arms and all of heaven rejoices when we give our lives to Him!!

Feeding the hungry.

There are many in our community and abroad that need a helping hand.  Since 1994, Start Again Ministries has been feeding the hungry.  Starting with a small food pantry in Burleson, Texas, and now reaching from Weatherford, TX to Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Jamaica to India; Start Again Ministries has started food supply outlets.  Utilizing excess and perishable food from America’s grocery stores, thousands of individuals and families have received aid.

Overview of Ministry Network and Services

Start Again Ministries is a body with many parts. Through the many years of ministry, we have taken advantage of the tremendous power of networking with organizations that have worked to bring humanitarian aid, comfort and hope.  Some of the following are fond memories of races won, others are still vibrant, ongoing ministries.  We are thankful to work and that we have worked with the following:

Omega World Outreach

CBN’s 700 club

Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN)

American Red Cross

King’s Land Development

The Jesus Crusades

Angel Flight

Loaves and Fishes Ministries (Roy Grey)

The Metroplex Food Bank

Tarrant County Food Bank

Northwest Houston Assistance Ministries

The Christian Air Corps, a Div. of Start Again Ministries

In addition to the United States, Start Again Ministries supports mission work and has local churches  in:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Haiti
  • Jamaica
  • India
  • Cayman Islands
  • Dominican Republic
  • Israel
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • South Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Nigeria
  • Latvia

Start Again Ministries has at its disposal, hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life. Their backgrounds include:

  • Architects
  • Every aspect of construction personnel Engineers
  • Business owners
  • Medics
  • Auto/Truck Mechanics
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Well drillers
  • Water purification experts,
  • Pastors
  • Evangelists
  • Musicians
  • Aircraft Pilots
  • AircraftMechanics
  • Inventors
  • And many other vocations

Start Again Ministries
Helps people learn how to start again.